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About National Finance Brokers Day

National Finance Brokers Day (NFBD) was founded in August 2015 by Dino Pacella and was established, with the support of leading industry professionals, to help educate consumers on the advantages received by dealing with a broker along with the full-service proposition that these professionals bring to the Australian market.

Our Annual Celebration

NFBD is held annually on the third Wednesday of August and presents an opportunity for brokers, industry professionals, and consumers to reflect on the impact the industry has made on them during the past twelve months.

Unity for the Broking Industry

Unity lays the foundation of NFBD. It's the unity in all businesses, individuals, and organizations standing as one for the betterment of the broking industry and our clients. It provides opportunities on how you can remove your borders and head towards becoming limitless.

Empowering Through Knowledge

The lead-up to the nationally recognized day will assist the consumer market with greater insights and knowledge, not only into the broker market but also with loan tips, suggestions, market updates, and much more.

The broking industry is currently responsible for writing 70% of all home loans within the Australian market.

Finance Brokers don't sell products; 

they help make dreams come true!

Dino Pacella on Finance Brokers

National Finance Brokers Day Founder, Dino Pacella, explains why Finance Brokers are the preferred channel of choice for Australians when needing to apply for a loan.

“Brokers have an extensive wealth of knowledge matched with a network of specialists, which is their most valuable asset and one that consumers benefit from above all others.”

“Taking out any type of finance is a serious transaction, so having an expert who deals in loans day in day out and understands the complexities of the current lending environment is priceless.”

“Brokers help drive competition throughout the market to ensure Australians are given the opportunity to seek out credit and aren’t limited to only a handful of choices.”

“A Broker’s passion, commitment, and competitive nature ensure their clients receive the most suitable loan to meet their individual requirements, providing true customer-centric service.”

“The right product and structure are thoroughly investigated along with seeking out a competitive interest rate which is sourced across hundreds of products from a wide variety of lenders that they have access to, saving an exuberant amount of time and money for their clients.”

“The service provided by these loan experts sees relationships form that extend beyond settlement, where they become a true trusted advisor and a client’s ‘go-to’ financial person where credit is concerned.”

“You simply can’t look past the numbers with 2 out of every 3 Australians choosing to use a broker when applying for a home loan.”

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