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National Finance Brokers Day 2024 "Stronger, Together, Unstoppable"


The theme of #NFBD24 - STRONGER, TOGETHER, UNSTOPPABLE - embodies the essence of unity and resilience within the financial community. It signifies that when finance professionals come together, they become a force to be reckoned with, capable of overcoming any challenge. It highlights the unbreakable bond forged through shared expertise, dedication, and a common vision for a brighter financial future. Together, finance brokers stand stronger and unstoppable in their pursuit of excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment to serving their clients and the industry as a whole. This theme serves as a rallying cry, inspiring brokers to forge ahead with determination and camaraderie, making each day a testament to their collective strength.

What to Expect 

Two Never Before Seen Industry Panel Discussions

In addition to the dynamic speakers and insights we have planned for NFBD24, we're thrilled to announce two never before seen industry panel discussions which will undoubtedly be the major draw card for not only our event but for the year. See the agenda page for full details.

The Experience

Guests will enjoy listening to a number of high calibre speakers through our enhanced and optimised agenda for an effective learning experience, which will include more networking time to spend with industry peers and our event partners.

Live Broadcast

NFBD TV will broadcast the 2024 conference with a dedicated live TV MC, fixed camera across all speakers, streaming of the partners stage during the breaks and a roaming camera taking you through the venue and across our sponsors and attendees.

Brand Building Opportunities

Attendees will have the chance to network through multiple sessions providing excellent exposure for our sponsors.


NFBD24 will keep all guests energised with delicious fresh, and locally sourced cuisine, cooked and prepared on site. Along with barista made coffee and a variety of cool beverages throughout the day.

Cocktail Reception

When the conference concludes, we immediately move into our cocktail reception located in the exhibitors lounge, where all delegates and event partners can continue the NFBD24 celebrations.

Digital TAPT Business Card

Each registered attendee will receive their very own TAPT digital business card which will be personalised with their name, and business logo along with their contact details preloaded , so they are ready to network (valued at $84.85)

To guarantee personalisation of your TAPT card, your conference ticket purchase and upload of your logo must be made before 10th August 2024.

CPD Hours

We have been provided the following CPD hours from our supportive industry associations. The CPD codes will be emailed to all ticket holders within 48 post the NFBD24.

MFAA - 5 CPD Hours

FBAA - 6 CPD Hours

CAFBA - 5 CPD Hours

The venue

NFBD24 will be held at the 

SYdney masonic Centre

66 Goulburn Street Sydney NSW 2000

Having earned a reputation for delivering innovative event solutions, SMC regularly plays host to politicians, international luminaries, charitable institutions and some of Australia’s most highprofile organisations.


Ticket Terms & Conditions

Non Attendance: If a registered attendee fails to attend the National Finance Brokers Day 2024 conference for which they had registered, the event registration fees will not be refunded or allocated to another event.

All ticket purchases are final, no refunds will be permitted.

Tickets are transferable -  if needed email

Information collected to purchase tickets may be used by the event organisers of NFBD or it's event partners for future campaigns.

To guarantee personalisation of your TAPT card, your conference ticket purchase and upload of your logo must be made before 10th August 2024.

Finance brokers: Your financial allies! They unlock opportunities, secure your financial future, and ensure you're on the path to prosperity. Trust them to turn your financial dreams into reality!

Dino Pacella

Founder, National Finance Brokers Day

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What is national Finance brokers Day

National Finance Brokers Day was founded in August 2015 by Dino Pacella and was established, with support of leading industry professionals, to help educate consumers on the advantages received by dealing with a broker along with the full service proposition that these professionals bring to the Australian market.

NFBD presents an opportunity for brokers, industry professionals and consumers to reflect on the impact the industry has made on them during the past twelve months.

Unity lays the foundation of NFBD. It's the unity in all businesses, individuals and organisations standing as one for the betterment of the broking industry and our clients. It's provides opportunities on how you can remove your borders and head towards becoming limitless.

The lead up to the nationally recognised day, will assist the consumer market with greater insights and knowledge, not only into the broker market but also with loan tips, suggestions, market updates and much more.

When is National Finance Brokers Day celebrated?

NFBD is held annually on the third Wednesday of August with 2024 being celebrated on Wednesday 21 August.

Who organizes National Finance Brokers Day?

Founder of NFBD, Dino Pacella

You can contact Dino at

Why is National Finance Brokers Day important?

National Finance Brokers Day is important because it recognises and appreciates the expertise of finance brokers, promotes professionalism, educates consumers, fosters industry networking, and contributes to the growth and advocacy of the finance broking profession.

How can I participate in National Finance Brokers Day?

Join the day's celebrations by attending NFBD24 in Sydney on Wednesday 21 August or join the live stream. Both tickets available on the NFBD website. Stay updated through our official website, social media channels, and industry publications.

What activities or events are planned for National Finance Brokers Day?

Guests will enjoy listening to a high calibre of speakers through our enhanced and optimised agenda for a more effective learning experience, network with industry peers, and gain insights from our event partners. When the conference concludes, we immediately move into our cocktail reception located in the exhibitors lounge, where all delegates and event partners can continue the NFBD24 celebrations.

Is National Finance Brokers Day open to the public, or is it an industry-specific event?

NFBD is open to everyone.

Are there any registration fees or costs associated with attending National Finance Brokers Day?

Conference Tickets are $249 each and includes access to the cocktail reception.

Live Streaming Tickets are $99 each.

Will there be any keynote speakers or notable guests at the event?

Speakers and Agenda out now. Refer to the pages under NFBD24 above.

Is National Finance Brokers Day an annual event?

Yes, held each year on the third Wednesday of August.

Are there networking opportunities at National Finance Brokers Day?

Yes, National Finance Brokers Day provides excellent networking opportunities. It's a gathering of finance professionals, industry experts, and individuals interested in financial services. Attendees have the chance to connect with peers, learn from experienced brokers, and build valuable relationships within the finance industry. These networking opportunities can lead to collaborations, knowledge sharing, and potential business partnerships, making it a valuable aspect of the event for attendees looking to expand their professional network.

Can I sponsor National Finance Brokers Day?

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities at National Finance Brokers Day, please email

Is there a dress code or specific attire recommended for the event?

Smart Casual

How can I stay updated about National Finance Brokers Day, including announcements and event details?

  1. Visit the Official Website: Check the official National Finance Brokers Day website regularly.
  2. Follow on NFBD on Social Media: Follow National Finance Brokers Day's official social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. NFBD often shares news, updates, and relevant content through social media channels.
  3. Set Up Event Alerts: On social media platforms, you can set up alerts or notifications for National Finance Brokers Day. This way, you'll be notified whenever there are new announcements or posts related to the event.
  4. Contact Organiser: If you have specific questions or need information about the event, don't hesitate to reach out to the event organiser directly. They can provide you with the most current details. Email
  5. Network with Attendees: Connect with attendees and participants who are also interested in National Finance Brokers Day. They may share updates and insights about the event.
  6. Check Industry Publications: Keep an eye on industry publications, websites, and forums related to finance and brokerage. They often cover and share information about events like National Finance Brokers Day.